7 Fantastic Crocheted Home Decoration Patterns

7 fanatastic crocheted home decoration patterns

I’ve always loved crafting and working with my hands, crochet has always been my craft of choice (even though I try to learn every craft under the sun). With the popularity of crocheted items rising I figured it was time to share some awesome patterns for your home. Let’s face it, home decor and crochet go hand in hand.

Crochet Floor Pouf Pattern

crochet floor pouf pattern

Twin Dragonfly Designs

Floor poufs have been rising in popularity and what better way to bring one into your home then by crocheting it yourself with this simple pattern.

Crochet Pot Holder Diner Trio

crochet pot holder diner trio


How adorable are these pot holders? They’d make a perfect gift this christmas to the chef of the family.

Giant Donut Pillow

giant donut pillow

Mollie Makes

Who doesn’t need a donut pillow in their life. Customize with your favorite colors!

Farmhouse Cables Pillow

farmhouse cables pillow

Megmade with Love

Only have one thing to say, this is the perfect accent pillow!

Simple Crocheted Blanket

simple crocheted blanket

Mama in a Stitch

Snuggle up this winter with this comfy cozy blanket.

Dollar Store Twine and Thrifted Belt Basket

dollar store twine and thrifted belt basket

Make and Do Crew

Make this cost effective crocheted basket from items you’d find at the dollar store and repurpose leather belts you’d find at the thrift store!

Speech Bubble Coasters

speech bubble coasters

Whistle and Ivy

These would make amazing gifts for the hostest in your life or as fun conversation pieces!

I hope you enjoyed making these fantastic patterns as much as i enjoyed finding them. I definitely have a couple i’m going to make as Christmas gifts. Find more home decor patterns on my pinterest. Follow me on Instagram @illuminecreative to see which patterns I try and be sure to tag me if you decide to make these yourselves, I’d love to see your versions!

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